Kelly Clarkson gives the latest on her kids (River Rose loves Jurassic Park) and explains why moms are amazing

Kelly Clarkson can't stop talking about her growing family! The American Idol alum and proud mama sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday and discussed who her five-month-old son Remington gets his adorable looks from.

"He's so cute right," the 34-year-old told the talk show host when she flashed a picture of her adorable baby boy on the screen. "He's totally a tow head like me, like blonde hair. I was a tow head when I was a kid. He has really big eyes like my brother."


Kelly talked about her children's different personalities Photo: Instagram/@kellyclarkson

She continued: "He doesn't look like my husband. He's totally a Clarkson."

Kelly admitted that while Remy is a sweetie, her two-year-old daughter River Rose has all of the personality. "She's so bossy," the Stronger singer shared. "She can be the most lovable human and then like, mean."

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When it comes to being a big sister, Kelly shared that River enjoys it, until she sees mommy holding her little brother. "Anytime I'm holding him, it's like 'I don't know what you're doing in my spot,' the singer quipped. "She doesn't like that. She is so jealous of that moment. But she loves him. She loves feeding him."

Kelly shared that she has her hands full with her daughter River Rose and son Remy Photo: Twitter/@kelly_clarkson

Kelly also shared her daughter's surprising new obsession. "She went from Finding Nemo to Jurassic Park," Kelly said. "I was like 'This will scare her right?' So I'll just play it real quick and she'll be like 'no.' Nope. She's seen them all. She loves them. Like when people are attacked she laughs. She thinks they're playing."

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She joked: "I'm a good mother."

Kelly and her husband Brandon Blackstock have their hands full with River, Remy and their two other children from Brandon's previous relationship. When it comes to having more children, the singer admits that is out of the question. "We have four, because I married into two," she explained. "So we have a 15, 9, 2 and 5 month old. I already have days where I like cry, so I don't need anymore."

Kelly's daughter River has all of the personality Photo: Instagram/@kellyclarkson

Although #momlife is a lot of work, Kelly, who is also the author of the children's book inspired by her daughter, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, wouldn't have it any other way. "Ive never felt more confident or more like a woman," she shared during an interview on Today. "The amount of things that I accomplish in a day is amazing. As a mom, I go to bed like you're welcome world. Moms are amazing humans. I tell my mom all the time I'm so sorry because I didn't respect that enough. It's a hard job."


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