You'll never guess who photographed Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber during this fun shoot

We're used to seeing her in front of the camera, but recently Kendall Jenner switched things up when she got behind the lens to shoot Cindy Crawford's daughter and up-and-coming model Kaia Gerber.

Taking a break from her very busy modeling schedule Kendall photographed the 14-year-old for the latest issue of Love Magazine. In the snap, which the reality TV star posted on her Instagram page, the young star can be seen sitting in a field, looking exasperated as she gazes up at the sky.


Kaia playfully posed during the Love Magazine shoot Photo: Instagram/@kendalljenner

The experience must have been very exciting for the California native who recently revealed to W Magazine that she admires the 20-year-old's work ethic and aspires one day to be as big in the industry as she is.

“I really look up to Kendall Jenner. I think she's really professional, and I know her a little bit, and she's so sweet,” she said. “I think to be at the level she's at but still be super chill and down to earth. And then Gigi and Bella [Hadid] both grew up in Malibu and actually did the same high school program we're doing, so I think it's cool to see them flourish.


Kendall got behind the lens at the photoshoot Photo: Getty Images

“And I really look up to Karlie Kloss – she's the nicest human being in the world. And then probably just my mom,” she responded when asked which models have influenced her.

The high-schooler also discussed how impressed she is with her 16-year-old brother's success at breaking into the modeling world. “I watched him in Moschino and it was so good. We were sitting and right when he came out he looked at us and gave us a nod and I was like, “aww!” I haven't walked yet, because 16 I think is the proper age. I really want to, but at the same time I'm glad I get to chill until it starts, because once you start you can't really go back.”

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