Mila Kunis on not wanting to marry Macaulay Culkin to being head over heels for husband Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis knows a thing or two about dating a megastar — and no we’re not talking about her husband Ashton Kutcher. The Bad Moms star opened up about her former flame Macaulay Culkin during an appearance on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

The actress who began dating the Home Alone star at age 18 admitted that Macaulay’s fame made dating difficult. Mila said, ”He was huge. You couldn't walk down the street with him.”


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She added, “He always had this weird attraction, like fans just screamed when they saw him! They didn't know how to react. It wasn't like a normal response to a celebrity. Fans responded in a very abnormal way to him."

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While Macaulay and Mila were together for nearly a decade, the 32-year-old never had plans of walking down the aisle. When asked whether that was a sign she was never in love with him, she answered, "Honestly, who knows?"

She continued, “But I know since before we started dating, since I was like, 16, I told my dad, 'Just so you know, I don't believe in marriage.' And my dad's like, 'What did I just create?' And then at one point I was like, 'I'll get married when gay people are allowed to marry.' I was like, 'This is not for me!'"

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Mila has since changed her tune and is now happily married to her former That ‘70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher — though their romance started off in an ironic way. "We, oddly, both did a movie called — I did Friends With Benefits, he did a movie called No Strings Attached," she said. "If we just paid attention to these movies, we should know that sh** like this does not work out in real life. Well, we clearly didn't pay attention. We shook hands, we're like, 'Let's just have fun!' I mean, literally we lived out our movies. We literally just had a very open conversation."

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The Black Swan actress revealed that Ashton, 38, initially wanted to set her up with a pal of his at a housewarming party, but that never happened because the actor became “territorial” of her. "So, I went over, long story short -- I didn't leave 'till the next morning," Mila confessed. "And that was the first time, ever, that I'd ever slept over when I was single... at a guy's house."

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"Well, I'll tell you this much, he didn't let me leave," she added. "At two in the morning I was like, 'I'm gonna call an Uber! See you later.' And he was like, 'You're crazy!' And I was like, 'Bye!' Like, when I was single, I was so adamant about never, as stupid as it sounds, never staying over at a guy's house. I was, like, peacing out, and he was like, ‘You're not leaving.’ And that was the first time and only time."

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While sparks flew between the two of them, Mila and Ashton had reservations about jumping into a relationship quickly given their previous longterm relationships (Macaulay) and marriage to Demi Moore. "We both were in agreement. 'Yeah, this is just fun. Just fun.' Shook hands on it. Just fun," Mila said. "Three months later ... I was like, 'This isn't fun anymore!'”


She admitted, "We'd literally attempt to go see other people, and then that night we'd be like, 'Hey! What are you up to? Wanna come over? It ended up being from just having fun to genuinely wanting."


Fast-forward to present day and the pair are blissfully married. The couple, who welcomed their daughter Wyatt Isabelle in 2014, secretly tied the knot in July 2015 and are currently expecting their second child together.

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