How Ryan Reynolds' facial expression in this picture stole the spotlight from #Hiddleswift - and Twitter went wild!

The internet went wild when new couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston made their relationship Instagram official over the holiday weekend, but the sight of #Hiddleswift cuddling up isn't the only thing that caught the attention of fans. It was Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds' facial expression that drew some laugh-out-loud comments - and messages of genuine concern - from fans in the social media universe.


Fans reacted hilariously to Ryan's facial expression in this picture Photo: Instagram/@britmaack

In the snap, posted by Taylor's BFF Britany LaManna, there's a major love-in going down. Taylor, 26, is snuggling her new beau, 35-year-old Tom, while Blake Lively is perched on her husband's lap. Meanwhile Britney and her husband Ben are also having a cuddle. While everyone seems to be enjoying the moment, Ryan seems somewhat distracted, leaving social media users to come up with their own hilarious interpretation of his reaction in the photo.


One user tweeted how the superstar's expression represented fans response to the pic. " Ryan Reynolds, looking like he's dying inside, is all of us #hiddleswift."

Another fan expressed her genuine concern for the actor: "You guys, I think that @ryanreynolds is sending a signal...."HELP MEEEE" Someone needs to check on him."

Meanwhile another follower suggested Ryan wasn't photo-ready like everyone else since he may be wondering how on earth he ended up sitting in the middle of the cosy snap while on holiday with Taylor and her gang.

"Reynolds looks like he forgot to say cheese bc because he was mentally cataloging the regrettable choices that led to this."


Taylor's party featured plenty of A-list celebs Photo: Instagram/@taylorswift

Blake and Ryan weren't the only A-list celebs to witness Taylor and Tom's PDA first hand. The Blake Space singer's best girl friends including Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss were there. As well as Orange Is the New Black stars Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba.

Taylor took to her Instagram to give everyone complete FOMO with the group shot full of stars from her party near her Rhode Island home. "Happy 4th from us."

Taylor and Tom's romance came to light in June. they started dating after the singer ended her 15-month relationship with DJ Calvin Harris.

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