Celine Dion on how she coped with her brother's death two days after losing René Angelil

Celine Dion has suffered a lot of loss this year, and she is ready to open up about it. The Canadian singer’s husband René Angelil passed away at the age of 73 after losing his battle with throat cancer in January. Only two days later, on what would have been Rene’s birthday, Celine’s brother Daniel, 59, succumbed to the same illness.


Rene passed away in January after losing his battle with throat cancer Photo: Getty Images

Amidst such tragedy, Celine was able to find some comfort, she said during an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday. “I said to myself that my husband came and got my brother," said Celine, "because my brother was too weak to go on his own.”

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She revealed that her life is a “different kind of hard,” since René passed away and admits that she still has moments were she misses him terribly.

Celine and her 5-year-old twins have a bedtime ritual honoring their father Photo: Getty Images

“It’s like I don’t live with him physically, but I live with him inside of me,” she shared. “I miss him when he was well. I miss him, the way that I knew him without sickness.

Celine and René share 15-year-old René-Charles and 5-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy together. The My Heart Will Go On songstress said that her children keep their father in their heart as well.

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“Every night, we kiss him goodnight,” she said of their bedtime ritual. "Eddie starts. Two fingers, one finger,” she explained of the kisses they send up to their late father. “And he said, ‘I love you Papa, so much. Happy Easter. Happy Halloween. Happy Christmas. Happy up, Papa. I love you so much. I miss you.’”

Celine will perform at the 2016 Billboard Music awards on Sunday
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Celine plans on taking the stage and performing at this year’s Billboard Music awards on Sunday, after receiving the ICON award. It will be the first time she accepts a major award without her husband standing by her side – just one of the many adjustments she will have to make.

“You're never ready for something like this to happen," she said during the interview. "Even though you expect it, when it hits you, you're not prepared. It's hard.”

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