Why Ryan Gosling won't be letting Russell Crowe babysit his daughters

Russell Crowe might be a nice guy but he won't be babysitting Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ daughters – Esmeralda, 20 months, and newborn Amada Lee – anytime soon. When asked whether Ryan would consider his The Nice Guys co-star as a babysitter, he joked to People magazine, “God, no.”

However Russell, who is a father to sons Tennyson, nine, and Charles, 12, begged to differ. “I’m the best babysitter," he said. “[Ryan’s] just worried that I’d be teaching his daughters how to make cocktails, the right way to wear a beret — things that he doesn’t want them to know about yet.”


"He's worried I'd be teaching his daughters to make cocktails," joked Russell, right, of his co-star Ryan Photo: Getty Images

In all seriousness, Russell, 52, admitted that he believes in keeping his children’s feet on the ground. The Oscar winner said, “I grew up in a very different way from my kids. The thing you try to do continuously is make them understand where real life ends and where privilege begins so they’re aware of it."


He continued, "Aware of when they’re doing something special that this is not a right, this is something they should be grateful for. I think with anybody, gratitude is the most important driving energy.”

Eva and Ryan welcomed their second child, Amada, in April Photo: Getty Images

Ryan, who secretly welcomed his second child with longtime love Eva on April 29, is already looking forward to the day he gets to take his daughters to Disneyland. The former Mickey Mouse Club member confessed, “I can’t wait to go.” He added, “I miss it.”


The 35-year-old recently admitted that fatherhood has changed his life. He said, “It sounds so clichéd, but I never knew that life could be this fun and this great.”

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