Justin Timberlake's 'mini-me' Silas loves listening to his dad's music

Silas Timberlake is already a fan of his dad Justin Timberlake’s music, though he's too young to realize his father is actually a famous singer. While hosting an event with Baby2Baby and Tiny Prints at her Au Fudge restaurant, Jessica Biel revealed to the NBC's TODAY her little boy listens to “a lot of daddy.”

"He hasn't really seen him on stage or anything,” the 34-year-old said of her son. “I think once [Silas] sees that and connects that dot, then when we play the music, I think he's gonna realize, 'Oh, that's daddy up there.”


Photo: Twitter.com/FallonTonight

Now at one, Jessica's son is already a “mini version” of his father. "[Silas] is a ham, just like his dad — serious ham," the actress said. "He thinks everything is funny.”

She added, "He thinks sneezing is really funny! Bodily function is really funny.”

The 7th Heaven star has opened up about her two men sharing a love for golf. "They like to sit and watch golf together,” she has said. "The only TV that Silas is allowed to watch is the Golf Channel, which is really funny.”


Photo: Instagram.com/justintimberlake

Jessica continued, "They just sit there on the couch staring at it. And they don’t communicate anymore. When golf is on, all the communication ends.”

However when it comes to family time, the movie star and her son put golf on pause and head outdoors. "We do a lot of, like, yard hangout," she told Today. "You know, like, picnic blanket on the yard, music, books everywhere, crawling through the grass -- that kind of stuff."

With Silas and her husband, Jessica admitted, "I definitely have that unit feeling -- it's a good feeling, isn't it?" She said, "It's very insular, and it feels like, you against the world, and you can do anything. It's kind of like that aspirational feeling I guess."

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