Amy Schumer makes her dad's dream come true FaceTiming with Goldie Hawn

Amy Schumer introduced her father Gordon Schumer to “the love of his life” — Goldie Hawn. The Inside Amy Schumer star made her dad’s dream come true by video chatting with 70-year-old actress.

On Wednesday, Amy posted a clip on her Instagram account of herself and father talking with Goldie. She captioned the video, "FaceTime with the goddess Goldie Hawn making my dads dream come true.”


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The 34-year-old and Oscar-winning actress are set to star in a mother-daughter comedy together. “He keeps saying that we're playing sisters and I'm like no,” Amy told Goldie in the video clip.

She added, “You're the love of his life." Amy then told her dad he could tell Goldie himself, which he then admitted, "You're the love of my life.” Goldie responded to his declaration, “I am?” prompting him to say, “In real life.”


Following the conversation, Kate Hudson's mother retweeted the video writing, "A blessed visit with two angels. #loveourdads."

Amy’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 12-years-old. The Trainwreck star has previously opened up about her father’s illness. Back in 2013, Amy admitted to NPR, "It's the most painful thing in the world to just watch this person that you love ultimately just digress and kind of decompose.”


Though Amy is able to cope through laughter. “I love to laugh. I seek laughter all the time,” she told CBS Sunday Morning last year. “I think that's something that also comes with having a sick parent is you don't know what's going to happen and so I'll be like, 'I'm psyched my legs still work. And I want to, like, experience all I can and make as many memories as I can."


At that time, Amy, who is currently dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch, revealed that her father’s illness has affected her outlook on relationships. “Everybody I meet and I'm like, 'Yeah, he's cool, but would, like, would I push him in a wheelchair? You know, would I want him to push me?' So, yeah, I go there pretty quick,” she said. “Other people are like, 'Should we go to Hawaii on vacation?' I'm like, 'Do I want you to change my colostomy bag?' It just changes your perspective."

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