Taylor Swift opens up about Calvin Harris' super romantic gift: Watch video

Calvin Harris totally gets his girlfriend Taylor Swift. During a video with Vogue Taylor revealed that the best gift she has ever received is an olive tree from her DJ boyfriend.

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The Scottish DJ's Christmas gift has obviously made a lasting impression with the Bad Blood singer who praised the thoughtful gift. During a video segment for Vogue, titled "73 Questions with Taylor Swift' the singer didn't think twice when asked, "What is the best gift you have ever received?" Smiling coyly the singer responded, "My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas."


Taylor threw open the doors to her home to answer questions about her life Photo: Vogue

The 26-year-old, who was seen sporting a new bleached do at last weekend's Coachella, also showed the interviewer around her Beverly Hills home while answering the personal questions. Animatedly talking to the camera the Grammy award winner gave a tour around the downstairs area of her beautiful home showing fans the piano room where she writes many of her number one hits, a large dining room where she hosts her many friends, a spacious kitchen with three coffee machines and a large wrap around deck and garden.

In addition to the fun, whimsical questions Taylor also spoke candidly about what she's learnt from being in the public eye. Answering the question, "What's the one thing you wished you knew at 19?" The 5ft 8in star revealed that she would warn herself that though she would "date like a normal 20-something" she would be criticized for it.

Taylor's sweet tribute to boyfriend Calvin

The singer revealed her favorite gift is from her boyfriend Calvin Photo: Getty Images

Looking to the future the star also spoke about where she hopes to be in ten years time. "I'll be 36! I really hope that I'm not stressed about approaching the age of 40. I hope that aging is not something that freaks me out."

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