Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell is loving Nicki Minaj right now

Jessica Simpson’s children Maxwell and Ace Johnson are on their way to becoming stars like their mom! While chatting with the Huffington Post, the 35-year-old revealed that her kids have an appreciation for music and one singer in particular — and no, it's not Jessica!

“My daughter [Maxwell] really is a fan of “Mikki Naj.” [Laughs] Not Nicki Minaj, “Mikki Naj,” the Take My Breath Away artist said. “That’s her inspiration at the moment.”


Jessica with daughter Maxwell Photo:

The three-year-old even has her own dance move to go along with songs. Jessica admitted, “My daughter is trying to learn to break dance at the moment, she has one move — she puts her hands down and puts her leg up like she’s break dancing.”


Maxwell isn't the only one in the Johnson household who has a penchant for music. Jessica’s two-year-old son is already following in his mom’s footsteps when it comes to singing. She confessed, “[Ace] has perfect pitch. He’s got such good tone. He can sing so well, but the words don’t always come out correctly.”

Maxwell and Ace Johnson Photo:

The fashion designer added, “It’s cute, [Maxwell and Ace] both love music and they like to dance and circle around each other.”

While her kids are talented, the fashion designer admitted that she would never push them into the industry. The mom-of-two said, “My kids are stars in my own eyes. I would never force the entertainment business on them or anything like that, but I do think they’re already more talented than me.”

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