Kanye West ditches Uber to catch a ride with paparazzi to the gym: Watch how it unfolds

Kanye West is often being chauffeured around, but this time his driver was the quite unexpected choice. The 38-year-old rapper caught a friendly ride with photographers to the gym on Wednesday after his Uber didn't show up.

In a video clip posted on Youtube by the agency Refined TV, the Gold Digger singer is seen standing outside on the phone looking for the vehicle. When it became evident that the Workout Plan rapper was going to be late for his gym appointment with Harley Pasternak, the paparazzi offered to give him a ride to the Santa Monica fitness center.


To everyone's surprise, Kim Kardashian's husband hopped in the car. Before getting in, one of his ride companions asked the rapper his views on Donald Trump. Instead of talking politics, the rapper took the more diplomatic approach. "Right now I want to focus on my family and just making good music and making good clothes."

Thanks to "the paps," Kanye made it to the gym without incident and left them and his fans with a special message. "I love you," North's dad said. "Let's make the world a better place."

In February, Kanye settled a fight between two photographers with a hug Photo: Getty Images

Kanye's relationship with the paparazzi has drastically changed. In 2013, he was sentenced to two years probation after an altercation with a photographer at the airport in Los Angeles. After the incident, Kanye changed his approach and chose to ignore them when they would ask him questions.

Recently, he has become more open with them often sharing his views on life, his in-laws and so much more. In fact, last month the Yeezy Season creator broke up a fight between two photographers who wanted his picture with a hug.

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