Jennifer Garner's advice for going through a tough time: 'Do it one step at a time'

It has been a tough few months for Jennifer Garner since she announced her split from husband Ben Affleck, but the actress says her new movie Miracles From Heaven has shown her that you can get through any difficulty if you take it “one step at a time.” The 43-year-old actress made the remarks during a live Facebook chat with her fans to discuss the film.


Jennifer says you can get through tough times "one step at a time" Photo: Getty Images

Although the mother-of-three doesn't discuss her personal life in the live chat, comparisons can be drawn between the tough time her character, Christy, is experiencing, and the difficult times the actress is going through with her own family.

“This is a real story of hope. It is encouraging to see this family get through something together, to not let them be torn apart, and it's not always pretty, but to say we are going to put our heads down and march through this as a family.”

The actress hopes that this film will encourage and inspire others Photo: Getty Images

Miracles From Heaven is based on true events, and follows a family's struggle after one of the daughters is diagnosed with a pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, leaving her unable to eat. One day, the young girl has a near death experience, falling 30ft into the hollow of a tree, but escapes without any injuries and appears to be cured of her debilitating illness.

The 13 Going on 30 star says that she hopes this film inspires people and helps them to see the good in the world. “I hope that people take away a sense of hopefulness, that people feel encouraged. When they see the film, to go through whatever hard thing they are going through with one step at a time and to look to their family, their community, look to whatever they believe in,” to help them through.

Concluding the video chat, Jennifer revealed that she has always believed in miracles and encourages other to see the amazing things that happen around them. She noted, “It would be amazing if you take away [from this film] that miracles are around you everywhere, everyday.”


Hi! Miracles From Heaven is in theaters today and I'm here Live at Facebook New York to answer your questions!

Posted by Jennifer Garner on Miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

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