Kim Kardashian thanks Emily Ratajkowski for defending her nude selfie

Kim Kardashian is thankful for the support she received from Emily Ratajkowski after her recent nude selfie took the world by storm. The reality star showed her gratitude to the model by sending her flowers. Along with the floral arrangement, Kim wrote on a note, " I wanted to thank you so much for your support last week. I saw your tweets and just think it's so powerful when women support other women! So thank you!"

The Gone Girl actress shared a photo of the gift on Instagram captioned, “Thank you for the beautiful flowers and note @kimkardashian." She continued, “It's so important that we let women express their sexuality and share their bodies however they choose.”



The 24-year-old wrapped the caption with a quote from political activist Emma Goldman writing, “Merely external emancipation has made of the modern woman an artificial being. Now, woman is confronted with the necessity of emancipating herself from emancipation, if she really desires to be free.”

Emily came to Kim’s defense last week following the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's nude photo backlash. On March 8, the actress tweeted, “Love when a man comments on a woman's decision to post a nude photo. Her body, her career. Sexist bullsh*t. @KimKardashian.” The brunette beauty also posted her own racy photo on Instagram, captioned, “What to wear tonight?”

Emily also posted her own nude selfie to show her solidarity with Kim Photo: Getty Images

Discussing her controversial selfie in a lengthy essay, Kim wrote, “I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not being afraid of what anyone is going to say about me.”

She added, “It’s 2016. The body-shaming and slut-shaming — it’s like, enough is enough. I will not live my life dictated by the issues you have with my sexuality. You be you and let me be me. I am a mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, an entrepreneur and I am allowed to be sexy.”

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