Priyanka Chopra challenges Jimmy Fallon to a wing eating contest: 'I’m Indian, it’s all about the spice'

Priyanka Chopra can appreciate yummy food, so it’s no surprise that when she visits one of the food capitals of the world, New York City, she likes to indulge.

While stopping by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 33-year-old, who went to high school in Queens, admitted, “My favorite thing about New York was its food."

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

She continued, "[Today] The first thing I did was have a hot dog at a hot dog stand with everything. With everything, sauerkraut, relish, mustard, ketchup, everything.”

And as it turns out she still had room in her stomach for more. The actress, who “loves hot wings,” challenged the TV host to a wing-eating contest. “I’m Indian, it’s all about the spice,” she said.

Priyanka also came prepared with Tabasco sauce, just in case the “nuclear” hot sauce wasn't enough and milk in case the heat was too much. "I’m not going to need the milk," the host boasted. With only 20 seconds to consume as many wings as they can, the Indian Beauty came out on top 3 to 1.

“I couldn’t even do one. I got a big chunky one. My first wing was a big wing,” Jimmy Fallon exclaimed, to which his competitor replied, “Excuses.” Guess he could have used that milk after all.

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The Bay Watch actress can now add wing champion to her list of titles, which includes Miss India and Miss World. Priyanka confessed to Jimmy that she was a rookie pageant contestant before taking home the coveted crowns. Following fives years of living in the states, the actress revealed that she returned home to India. She continued, "[My mom] obviously thought that I grew up and I grew up pretty. She sent my pictures in for Miss India and they selected me and I was like oh my god — am I that pretty?"

The Quantico star, whose show was renewed for a second season, added, "I won that and then they sent me to Miss World and I won that too."


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