Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber discuss 'Fuller House'

The Tanners are officially back! The anticipated sequel to the ‘90s family sitcom, Fuller House began streaming February 26 on Netflix. Ahead of the series’ release, stars Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibler) paid a visit to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! on Thursday evening.

While on the show, Jodie spilled on a item she took home from the original series Full House. “Mr. Bear. I have stolen... I mean I didn’t steal Mr. Bear. They gave me Mr. Bear, but I would have stolen it had they not given it to me,” she said of her character’s favorite stuffed animal.


Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Jodie continued, “I didn’t actually bring him back for Fuller House. He’s still kind of wrapped up in a little bag in my office, well preserved. He also has aged gracefully over the last twenty years. But yeah, I will try and bring him back one of these days.”

When asked whether their show jumped the shark, the Stephanie Tanner actress admitted,A lot of our episodes were a little far fetched. I mean, how many things crashed through the kitchen window? We had a cement truck. I crashed a car through it. We never jumped the shark because the shark was long jumped when we started.”

Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Earlier this week the ladies sat down for an interview with Good Morning America. There they discussed reuniting with their former cast members 21 years after their show ended.

“The chemistry’s real,” Candace said. “If you can’t tell how close we are and how much we love each other, it’s all true and real and I think the show is classic and timeless in the sense that it’s about family, and it’s about love and those stories carry through to any and every generation.”

She added, “It’s such a pleasure I can’t even express to you, to get to work with your best friends every day.”

The focus of the new show is on Candace’s character D.J., who is a mother to three boys and has been recently widowed. The eldest Tanner daughter enlists the help of her sister Stephanie, along with her pal and fellow single mom Kimmy. Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos and David Coulier also reprised their beloved character roles on the Netflix original series streaming now!

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