Christine Taylor says her 'blue steel' pose is much worse than husband Ben Stiller's

Christine Taylor’s model poses are no match for husband Ben Stiller. The actress who stars alongside her husband in Zoolander 2 admitted that the iconic “Blue Steel” pout made popular by Derek Zoolander (played by Ben) is “not in [her] wheelhouse.”

“I’ve watched my husband do it and I don’t even know… mine is so bad. Our son’s has gotten really good too, he just does it and he just comes out with ‘Blue Steel,’” the 44-year-old told Good Housekeeping’s March issue. “Ben does a whole thing where he turns and looks."

Photo: Squire Fox/Good Housekeeping

She continued, “I just purse my lips and try to look very serious. He does it great, like he gets a furrowed brow and he holds it and I would say that’s one of the most fun things about being married to him because people will just yell at him on the street, “Blue Steel,” and he does it in a heartbeat, which I love. He’s such a good sport about it.”

The couple’s 10-year-old son Quinlin recently showed off his model pout — clearly taking after his father in that department — while attending the film’s New York premiere with his parents and older sister Ella, 13.

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When it comes to balancing work and her two children, the working mom admitted, “I feel like being a mom, for me, has hands down been the priority.

“I feel like I struggled more when I started to go back to work because I would feel so guilty, and my daughter really made it hard when she was younger,” she said. “It’s been pretty easy for me to sort of juggle both because my priories are always there with them, but it’s great to be able to do a little work every now and then… When my husband’s working or he’s on a film, I tend to not work that time and vice versa, so we make it work, it’s good.”

Photo: Squire Fox/Good Housekeeping

The mom-of-two also proudly confessed that she and her family are “gigantic basketball fans.” “We are giant uber geeks for the big tall guys,” she said. In fact, the actress revealed that she was once starstruck by Knicks player Carmelo Anthony. She explained, “We get to meet a lot of cool celebrities and amazing people, but those professional athletes are amazing for the both of us—we get very geeky.”

While they may be geeky, they certainly are unlike other families. Spilling on her family's holiday traditions, Christine revealed that Ben’s famous father Jerry Stiller likes to go around the table and discuss what they “love being in show business. She said, “There’s probably like three of us at the table that are in show business. My dad certainly isn’t, and so we do a lot of laughing and there’s going to be great stories for the kids to tell about their grandparents and parents someday.”

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