Ivanka Trump on her best advice from father Donald: 'Do what you love in life'

For Ivanka Trump, family is always first. “I take crazy 3 a.m flights to ensure that I’m always there for breakfast and dinner,” the business woman tells Editorialist magazine. And where does she get her incredibly hard work ethic from? That would be her father, Donald.

“My parents have always been excellent mentors and role models to me,” says the mom-of-two. “The best advice my father has given me is the simplest…do what you love in life; otherwise you’re never going to excel at the highest level."

Ivanka says her hard working father Donald inspires her Photo: Getty Images

She adds: “It’s part of my DNA to swing for fences. You can’t accomplish greatness if you’re not deeply passionate. You have to do it for the joy of doing it."

So how does the entrepreneur, who is expecting her third child in the spring, balance motherhood and her demanding career? “I hate that word [balance]. For me, it’s more about priorities. Rather than try and be there for everything, I’ve figured out which are the most meaningful interactions of the day and ensure I have those. With my son, it’s sitting on the floor playing with his cars. With my daughter, we bond reading books.”

She does admit though that somethings you cannot control. “But you’re one kid’s flu away from balance going out the window, no matter how fine-tuned you think your schedule is.”

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Ivanka says she never misses a breakfast or a dinner time with her children Arabella and Joseph Photo: Instagram/@ivankatrump

When she isn’t with her children and her husband, Jared Kushner, Ivanka is in business meetings or running around on building sites, overseeing the family company’s latest construction. She first became involved in Trump organizations at the age of 15 when she shadowed construction men on a work site in order to gain a greater understanding of her father’s business.

And the hard work has paid off, the 34-year-old is now the executive vice president of acquisitions and development of the Trump organization, the CEO and founder of the Trump Hotel Collection and proud to be following in her father’s footsteps.

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