Peyton Manning didn't know who Justin Timberlake was when they first met

Peyton Manning's first encounter with Justin Timberlake is one he will never forget! During his appearance on The Tonight Show, the 39-year-old Super Bowl champion recalled meeting the pop star at a charity event.

"I get there and this guy comes up to me," the Denver Broncos quarterback shared to Jimmy Fallon. "He's wearing like, denim-on-denim, jean shorts, jean jacket, and he's like, 'Hey Peyton, my name's Justin, I'm from Memphis, I'm a huge fan of yours.'"

Peyton Manning recalls meeting Justin Timberlake Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Peyton explained that in the midst of all of the fanfare surrounding him at the time, he didn't know exactly who the "Mirrors" singer was. "I was like, 'Hey bro I appreciate it, there's a lot of people here, I'm a size 13. Do you mind getting my bowling shoes for me? I'll be right here.'"

He continued: "I thought he worked at the bowling alley, it was Justin Timberlake."

Peyton says Justin never lets him live it down Photo: Getty Images

Although Justin didn't get Peyton's bowling shoes, the 35-year-old singer doesn't let him forget the occurrence. Since then, Justin and Peyton have gone on to star in commercials together including a Sony camera spot in 2009 as well as one for Sony TVs where they compete in a ping pong game.

After Sunday's Super Bowl, he wrote on his Twitter congratulating the football star. "#PeytonManning Couldn't be happier for you bro!! You did it!!!! You are the GOAT," the singer tweeted.


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