Cindy Crawford says ex-husband Richard Gere is 'like a stranger' to her

Friendly exes? It’s been more than 20 years since Cindy Crawford and her ex-husband Richard Gere divorced, and during an appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, uploaded on February 4, the 49-year-old supermodel candidly opened up about her first marriage to the Pretty Woman actor and their relationship today.

"I didn't think I was young, though, but I was young," she admitted. "I was with Richard for, like, six years, but I was only married for two years."

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Cindy was only 26-years-old at the time when the couple wed in 1991, while Richard was 42. When asked if she gets along with her former husband, whom she divorced in 1995, Cindy revealed, “We're friendly, but I think it's almost like he's gone back to being, like, 'Richard Gere' again, like a stranger, because we don't really see each other that much."

She added, "I think part of the problem in our relationship was that we were a lot of other things, but I don't know if we were ever friends — like peers, because I was young, and he was Richard Gere — And then, as I started kind of growing up and growing into myself – it's hard to change the nature of a relationship once you're already in it."

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While things did not work out with Richard, the supermodel did find love again with her second husband Rande Gerber, whom she married in 1998. “I think why Rande and I really work is that we were friends first," she admitted. "I never pretended to like baseball or meditation or whatever the version is."

The couple, who will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary this May, have since welcomed two children together — Kaia, 14 and Presley Gerber, 16.

The iconic model announced earlier this month that she would retire from the runway following her 50th birthday on February 20. She said, "Maybe not say goodbye, but move on."

Cindy continued, "I feel like I’m allowing that to have been great, and I’m celebrating it. And I’m sure I’ll have my picture taken for 10 more years, but not as a model anymore. And that’s okay. I’ve done it. I’ve worked with all these incredible photographers. What else do I need to do? I can’t keep reinventing myself. I shouldn’t have to keep proving myself. I don’t want to.”

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