Taylor Swift reveals the inspiration behind 'Blank Space,' sings acoustic version

Taylor Swift knows how to shake off the haters and even turn that hate into a hit song. In the past, people have painted the 1989 singer as a crazy ex-girlfriend, but as it turns out, the popstar channeled all of those false depictions into her GRAMMY-nominated song “Blank Space.”

During a performance at the GRAMMY Museum back in September, Taylor revealed the origin of her popular song. The 26-year-old said, “In the last couple of years, the media have had a really wonderful fixation on kind of painting me as like the 'psycho serial dater girl.' It's been awesome. I loved it. It got pretty out of control there for a couple of years.”

Photo: Getty Images for TAS

She added, “Every single article had these descriptions of my personality that were very different from the actual personality.”

While Taylor’s initial reaction to the articles surrounding her wasn’t “fun,” she admitted her second reaction “ended up being like, 'hey that's actually kind of a really interesting character they're writing about.' Like, 'she jet sets around the world collecting men and she can get any of them but then she's so clingy that they leave and she cries and she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and then she's crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.' I was like, 'I can use this.'”

And that’s exactly what she did. The song has since yielded the songstress two GRAMMY nominations for song and record of the year. Following the history lesson of her popular song, Taylor treated audience members to an intimate, acoustic performance of “Blank Space” at the Clive Davis Theater. While the performance happened months ago, the “Bad Blood” singer uploaded the video on Thursday to her YouTube channel. During her visit to the museum, Taylor also gave an acoustic performance of her song, “Wildest Dreams.”



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