Lea Michele's New Year's resolutions: 'Less slowing down, more gearing up'

Lea Michele has no intentions of slowing down in the New Year. As 2016 approaches, the 29-year-old is already looking ahead at the coming year to make positive changes in her life with a list of resolutions to better herself.

"Definitely for me going into 2016, I am focusing on health and fitness - I really want to continue to be more adventurous with finding more workout routines and keep exploring different things and pushing myself," Lea tells HELLO!. "I like to focus on the basics — like giving back, health and relationships."

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Among her resolutions for the New Year, the former Glee star has resolved to be "less complacent, more challenging" in addition to dressing for no one other than herself, while setting realistic goals. "I am really, really, really into resolutions, and I definitely try to stick with them as much as possible!" she says. "I always feel like it is important to find things that are actually attainable and not resolutions too difficult to achieve."

For 2016, the face of the inspiring movement # ActuallySheCan, is hoping to encourage other women to make positive changes in their own lives when it comes to friendships, work and healthy living. Lea has been the face of the women’s campaign since it first launched over the summer, motivating women to achieve their goals.

As part of her work with the organization, the actress is inviting millennials to enter the #ActuallySheCan's Less/More contest, which encourages women to reflect on their goals for the New Year. The contest has ladies share what they plan to do 'less' and 'more' of in 2016 — submit your ActuallySheCan Less/More mantra here!

See Lea’s resolutions below:

"Less stress to dress, more dress for me"

"Less complacent, more challenging"

"Less clique, more crew"

"Less slowing down, more gearing up"

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