Taylor Swift's 13-year-old fan in hospice calls meeting her idol 'amazing miracle'

Christmas came early for a Taylor Swift fan. Delaney Clements, who is battling cancer, received a special visit from the “Bad Blood” singer while at home in hospice care.

Recalling the sweet meeting, the 13-year-old wrote, "I was just laying down taking a nap in my room when my mom said I had a visitor. And I thought it might just be another person coming to see how I was. Then suddenly the most amazing miracle happens... The Taylor Swift walked into my bedroom and spent the afternoon with me just talking and hanging!!!! I am beyond Blessed for everyone's help and support!!! Thank you!!!Happy holidays!! @taylorswift#Delaneymeettaylor@bryyleiigh.”


Taylor was en route to Tennessee before dropping in for the memorable visit. The 26-year-old singer shared a collage on Instagram portraying the touching encounter with her young fan, captioned, "Merry Christmas Baby @delaneyy.bugg.”

Delaney, who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at age 8, is currently in hospice care in Colorado. On December 8, her mother, Wendy Campbell, announced on Facebook that her daughter’s cancer had spread to her brain. She said, “[It’s] something we had been able to avoid for so many years.” She added, "Our goal now is to keep Delaney as comfortable as possible and keep her spirits uplifted as she travels on a journey we fought so hard to avoid."

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Wendy took to her Facebook again on Saturday, to share photos from her daughter’s meet and greet. She captioned the post, “So this just happened. Thank you Taylor Swift for the best Christmas present ever.”

According to Delaney, the pop star is her idol because they both share "Living our Wildest Dreams and Shaking It Off in Style" in common.

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