Joey Feek and 22-month-old daughter Indiana get a surprise visit from Santa Claus

Santa Claus came early to town! Joey Feek and her family were treated to a surprise visit from Kris Kringle over the weekend. The ailing country star’s husband, Rory Feek, recalled the visit on his blog, This Life I Live.

"Santa Claus came to our house,” he wrote on Friday. "He was a week early, but right on time.”


The 49-year-old continued, "Some friends of ours from Arkansas, Dave and Nicole Trudo, called a few days ago and said that they were sending a box filled-with-goodies to us and that it was going to be delivered in a special way… and boy, they weren’t kidding.”

Unlike other Santas, this one according to Rory was “the real deal,” and "had the kindest smile and a heart for special babies and mama’s with no hair.” He added, "I loved him from the moment I met him.”

While Rory warmed up to the man in the big red suit right away, the couple’s 22-month-old daughter, Indiana, took a bit longer seeing as it was her “first time” meeting Santa. By the end, the adorable toddler was sitting on her mother's lap next to old Saint Nick.


"When the presents were opened and his work was through, Santa found a spot next to Joey and made himself at home – just like an old friend,” Rory wrote. "He said he knew our music (I had no idea Santa was a country music fan) and was a little nervous about coming to see us this evening – not knowing what to expect – or if Joey would be up for their visit. But I think once he saw my bride sitting on the couch and smiling when he came in, and enjoying the evening… he settled in and hopefully had as good a time as we did.”

The unexpected guest was a pleasant surprise for Joey who is currently in hospice care battling cancer. The terminally ill singer had previously expressed her wish to be around for Christmas, in addition to her daughter’s second birthday in February. The family recently celebrated Indiana's 22-month-old birthday.

As of late, Joey has been "feeling pretty good," her husband said. Rory has called his wife's “will to live” as “very, very strong.”

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