Mother Teresa to be made a Saint after second miracle has been approved by Vatican

The Roman Catholic Church has announced that Mother Teresa will be declared a Saint. The news was revealed by the Vatican on Friday morning.

Almost 20 years after her death, Pope Francis, who turned 79 on December 17, released a statement confirming the news. The sainthood comes after a decree was approved that the former nun had performed a second miracle. Over 10 years ago, Mother Teresa was beatified as the “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta” after she healed a tumor.

Mother Teresa will be canonized in 2016 Photo: Getty Images

According to a statement released by Father Brian Kolodiejchiuk to NBC, her second miracle occurred when she healed a man of a brain tumor in Brazil in 2008. The man was in a coma and about to undergo brain surgery when the surgeon “found the patient inexplicably awake and without pain.”

“The patient’s wife continuously sought the intercession of the Blessed Mother Teresa for her husband,” added the Father. It was also revealed that at the time of the patient’s surgery, his family was praying at Mother Teresa’s intercessions. In addition to the patient making a full recovery, he went on to have two children despite being told he was sterile due to prolonged drug treatment.

The nun was given international recognition for her missionary work in India Photo: Getty Images

The devout Christian, who passed away in 1997, won the Nobel Peace Prize for her charitable spirit and aspiring actions and was given international recognition for her missionary work and devotion to working with the poor in India and especially the children in Kolkata.

When Mother Teresa is canonized in 2016, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and India will all celebrate her as their own saint.

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