Diane Keaton surprised by Justin Bieber after she tells Ellen DeGeneres she is a Belieber

Actress, director and Belieber? Diane Keaton stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, coincidentally on what happens to be [Justin] Bieber week and revealed that she is in fact a fan of the “What Do You Mean Singer.”

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

“I like that boy,” Diane said. And once Ellen DeGeneres reminded the 69-year-old that Justin’s “a man now…21,” Diane responded, “Even better.”

She added, “[It’s] better for me.”

Shirtless photos of the singer — who released his album Purpose on Friday — flashed on the screen resulting in a squeal and blushing from Diane. The Love The Coopers star said, “Oh ok, that is not possible. I have not seen that. He’s gorgeous.” She continued, “Now were talking. Do you think he would go on a date?”

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

While Diane admitted to Ellen she would like to be considered a cougar, she revealed she hasn’t had the chance. She explained, “I haven’t had the opportunity except when I have a job and when I have a job then what happens is they have to kiss me, sometimes.” As Diane explained her lack of cougar status to Ellen, the 21-year-old singer surprised his newly outed fan from behind.

The actress lost it onstage screaming as Justin hugged her, before planting a kiss on the pop star's face. Once Justin returned backstage, a clearly excited Diane told the audience, “Let’s get real. That’s real beauty.”

“Do you think he’ll ask me out later?” she asked Ellen. Luckily for Diane she can keep her crush with her at all times now with her new “I Am A Belieber” turtleneck and “I heart Justin” shirt gifted by Ellen. You know, something "casual" to lounge around the house in.


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