Jennifer Lopez: 'Men come and go but my girlfriends are always there'

Jennifer Lopez was able to get it right thanks to her girlfriends. In a candid interview with Marie Claire UK, the 46-year-old opens up about her divorce from Marc Anthony. Before splitting in 2011, Jennifer and Marc were married for seven years, during which period they welcomed twins Max and Emme. When it came time for the actress to sign the divorce papers, she turned to her friends for support.

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'I think I realized they were as important – if not more important – when I divorced Marc,” Jennifer tells Marie Claire UK for their December issue. "I just realized that I had been through that a couple of times and there they still were. Like they say, men come and go, but my girlfriends are always there for me.’”

The actress, who has since come out with films like The Boy Next Door and Home, has learned to balance life and not outstretch herself. "I can handle it better because I go, 'No, I'm not going to work on that day,' or 'No, I am going to take those three days off,' or, 'No, you cannot schedule that there,'" she says. "And you realize the sky is not going to fall, even though everybody makes you feel like it's going to."

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One project she simply could not say no to was her "Booty" music video with singer Iggy Azalea. "I wanted it to be beautiful and sexy, not sexy and raunchy. Sometimes when you're younger, you go for raunch, or shock value, but I don't need to do that," she says. "I did sexy things, but I was always more the good girl who was falling in love as opposed to the naughty girl who was running around."

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