Faith and Tim to Nicole and Keith: Meet the royal couples of country music

They travel all over the country, are recognized everywhere they go and are idolized by many. They may not have king or queen in front of their names but those qualifications certainly constitute royalty in our books.

They take on philanthropic roles and spread good will to crowds ranging from a few to thousands. Fans hang on to their every heartfelt word and watch endless videos put out by them.

They are poised and articulate and make a certain number of appearances a year. They are always dressed to the nines in designer duds and are usually decked in jewels that most of us will never get our hands on.

HELLO! introduces you to our country royals, from Aussie power couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, who have been making sweet music together for years. All on our list are either country's biggest stars or have made a name in their own right but regal nonetheless.

Carrie Underwood may be the only one in her marriage to hockey star Mike Fisher that can carry a tune, but their relationship is envied by all.

Click on the image below to see who made the cut:

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