Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to dancer's nephew battling cancer

She did it again! Taylor Swift has proven she's got one of Hollywood's biggest hearts. The singer has donated a hefty sum to help the nephew of one of her backup dancers.

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Taylor, 25, gave $50,000 to 13-month-old Ayden, who is battling cancer, and left a sweet message on the little boy's Go Fund Me page on Wednesday, September 30.

"Baby Ayden, I'm lucky enough to perform with your uncle Toshi on tour. All of us are praying for you and your mama and sending so much love your way. Love, Taylor," she wrote. Her donation took the total to just under $54,000 – almost $29,000 more than the original goal.

Toshi, who had posted a photo on Instagram with his nephew on Wednesday, asking fans to pray for the little boy, was overwhelmed.

"@taylorswift is an angel and My family and I can't thank her enough," he wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday. "She is such an incredible human being… This will help little Toshi in this time of need… Let's pray for him to beat this… This unexpected gift is truly a blessing."

Taylor's own life has been touched by cancer – earlier this year she revealed that her mom is battling the disease.

It's not the first time the kindhearted Grammy-winner has left a substantial donation on a Go Fund Me page. In July, she donated the same amount to an 11-year-old fan who is battling leukemia and had to miss out on attending one of Taylor's 1989 shows.

And in April she gave $15,000 to a firefighter who rescued his wife and son from an almost-fatal car accident. The "Bad Blood" singer also sends gifts to fans throughout the year and at Christmastime.

In an interview with the UK's Telegraph in May, Taylor talked about giving back to her fans. "Sending presents is fun for me. If I go a week without sending something, I start to feel bad," she said. "I'm getting to know them on a person-by-person basis. When I pick people to send packages to, I go on their social media sites for the last six months and figure out what they like or what they are going through."

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