Wilmer Valderrama will play Demi Lovato's prince charming in new film

By Alex Cramer

Wilmer Valderrama is ready to break out. The comedic character actor has just snagged a major role as Prince Charming in the upcoming movie Charming. The That '70s Show star spoke about why he was so thrilled to take on this role. “We’ve all been waiting so long to see a Latin princess represented in an animated fairy tale," he said. "I’m grateful to the enlightened producer John Williams for anointing me as the first Latin prince!”


Wilmer is 'grateful' to be portraying 'the first Latin' fairytale prince Photo: Getty Images

In Charming, he’ll star as the object of affection for four different storybook princesses, including real life girlfriend Demi Lovato as Lenore, Ashley Tisdale as Cinderella, Avril Lavigne as Snow White and Chinese pop-star G.E.M. as Sleeping Beauty.

Even though his new movie offers a comedic take on a classic fairytale, Wilmer has made a true effort to branch out from his well-known funny guy persona and take on more serious and dramatic roles. He’s recently starred as the villain in the vampire drama From Dusk Til Dawn and will be playing a police detective on the upcoming FOX show Minority Report.

“My heart craves it, my spirit craves it, so I want to make difficult choices, and I want to play characters that are so far removed from who I am that people almost forget that’s Wilmer that we’re watching,” he explained on a conference call.

Wilmer and his girlfriend Demi Lovato will both star in Charmed Photo: Getty Images

In fact, Wilmer’s real goal is to take on more roles like his acting idol. “I want to go to that really, really weird, bizarre twisted world that Johnny Depp has dabbled on. I’m such a fan of the characters that he’s created," he continued. "He’s such a mysterious actor to me, and he’s such a fascinating person when you see him on screen.”

Wilmer would love to follow the career footsteps of risk-taking actor Johnny Depp Photo: Getty Images

Another challenge for the Venezuelan actor is being able to branch out and play characters who aren’t primarily defined by their ethnicity. “I’m so proud of my Latino heritage, but I think as an actor, you want to be known as an actor, as an artist," he explained. "But I have to tell you it’s exciting that in my career that I’m able to be in the room sitting next to two or three other actors of different ethnicity and still be considered an artist to be considered for that character. That’s a dream when you do that crossover, that’s fantastic, that’s beautiful."

Along with his accomplishments as an actor, Wilmer, of course, is also known for dating famous girlfriend Demi. The two will soon be an on-screen power couple when she makes a guest appearance on From Dusk Til Dawn. We’d certainly love to see the “Cool For The Summer” singer play a killer vampire!

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