Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are friends despite their parents' rivalry

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump won't let a little presidential campaign stop their friendship! During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, 35-year-old Chelsea had nothing but great things to say about her longtime pal, even though their parents Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are rivals in the 2016 race for the White House.

Despite their parents' rivalry, Ivanka and Chelsea are BFFs
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"Ivanka and I talk about everything," she shared. "I'm so grateful she's my friend. I think she's a great woman. I support her. I support all my friends."

Although their parents are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, Chelsea and Ivanka, 33, have a lot in common. Both women are in their thirties and have been the heads of their parents' organizations, but the most important thing they have to bond over is their adorable children. Chelsea is mom to a daughter with her husband Marc Mezvinsky – Charlotte, who is celebrating her first birthday this month – while Ivanka is mother to Arabella, 4, and Joseph, 1, with husband Jared Kushner.

"We talk about everything," said Chelsea
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Growing up in the spotlight, both Chelsea and Ivanka have learned to think quickly on their feet. As the daughter of Hillary and ex-President Bill Clinton, Chelsea has her parents' unconventional tactics to thank for that. "We had mock debates," she shared with ET's Kevin Frazier. "My mom, my dad and I would play different characters. Sometimes I would play my dad. Sometimes I would play his opponent. It helped me understand how to make an argument, to advocate for whatever I really cared about and it also helped me develop thick skin."

Chelsea isn't the only person in Ivanka's life who thinks highly of her. During Wednesday night's GOP debate, Donald suggested that his little girl be the new face of the $10 bill. Asked who should grace the ten, "I think my daughter Ivanka," he said during one of the more light-hearted segments of the debate. "Other than that, we'll go with Rosa Parks."

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