Paris Hilton 'really happy' with Swiss millionaire boyfriend Thomas Gross

In addition to being a clothing designer, DJ, and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton wants to add mother to her resume. The 34-year-old invited HELLO! into her glamorous Triplex on the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, to talk about her new beau and plans for her future.

"I'm really happy right now, and that's all I can confirm," she told HELLO! when asked if she was in love with her boyfriend Thomas Gross. "This is turning into a magical, marvelous summer. Even though Thomas isn't Spanish, I have to admit that really great things happen to me while I'm in Spain. Life smiles on me here."

Paris opened up about her love life and plans to become a mom Photo: Getty Images

Although Paris isn't ready to tie the knot to her Swiss boyfriend at the moment, she ensures that it will happen in just "a matter of time." She also admits that starting a family is on her list of future ventures. "I love children," she said. "And I am sure I will become a mom. I have that very clear."

Paris has remained busy during her time on the island that has become a vacation spot for notable celebrities such as sister Nicky Hilton, Anne Hathaway, Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. This is her third summer hosting and deejaying her Foam and Diamonds party at Amnesia. The starlet is also in charge of 17 different fragrance lines, hair products, glasses, shoes, as well as working hard on her music.

The California native does add that there are some things she regrets from her past, but for the most part, she has made some really good choices overall. "Yes, a few," she responded when asked about having any regrets. But I think I’ve made more good calls than bad... I concentrate on the good but always remember the bad, so I don’t make the same mistakes.”

The "Stars Are Blind" singer also mentioned that she has a more mature outlook on life, but hasn't strayed from her party side. “I’m the same person but a little older, more experienced," she continued. "You can learn something every day from everything. Above all during difficult times. Only when you have to face another challenging situation will you discover what you’ve learnt.”

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