Kathie Lee Gifford's emotional return to 'Today' after loss of husband Frank

Kathie Lee Gifford paid an emotional tribute to her late husband Frank during her return to NBC's Today on Monday. During the fourth hour, the 62-year-old host thanked everyone for the outpouring of love and support.

“The lord giveth and the lord taketh away and that’s something that my family and I have been through this past week when we lost Frank,” she said during her segment. The football Hall of Fame legend and Kathie Lee’s husband of 20 plus years passed away suddenly on August 9 at the age of 84.

Frank, Kathie Lee and their children Cassidy and Cody Photo: Getty Images

“I want to thank everybody for your love, and your texts and your tweets,” she continued as her co-host and best friend Hoda Kotb comforted her. “Just the outpouring has been extraordinary. It’s a heck of a way to find out how loved you are.”

The Today host reassured fans that her and her family have found “great strength and comfort” in all of the support. During the segment, Kathie Lee spoke about how important faith was to her husband and how he was at complete peace when he passed away. “We laughed up to the very end,” she added. “I just want everybody to know that this is a man who was at complete peace in his life. He might have been the happiest, most content person in the world at this point in his life.”

Kathie told the story about how Frank grew up during the Great Depression and worked hard for everything that he achieved in his life. Kathie’s best friend Hoda also offered kind words on the behalf of the former NFL star.

Frank and Kathie married in 1986 and have two children together, Cassidy, 22, and Cody 25. Last week, Cassidy took to her Instagram to pay an emotional tribute to her father. “Very few people are blessed enough to call their father a legend, and an even smaller number are able to share that notion with the rest of the world,” the caption of Cassidy and her father read in part. “Today of all days I can genuinely say I am humbled by all the outpour of love and support my family has received.”

Click below to watch Kathie Lee's emotional segment:

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