Blake Lively sure makes a day at the office look fun! Currently filming All I See Is You in Barcelona, the Gossip Girl actress posted before, during and after shots of herself on Instagram, in what appears to be a re-creation of the famous "La Tomatina", a tomato food fight that takes place in Buñol, Spain at the end of August.


Blake looked nervous before filming a tomato fight scene Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

The starlet, who is wearing green shorts and a white top, first looks a bit nervous before the fight ensues writing, “Before…. #YesDummyHasHerPhoneInHerPocket.”

The actress clearly enjoyed herself despite being nervous Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

Then fans get a glimpse of the action with Blake donning a mask while covered in tomatoes with other revelers stomping around her. Finally, the "bronde" beauty shows off the aftermath of the scene by lying in a pile of the crushed tomatoes. “I’ve finally become Italian food,” she wrote.

Fully embracing the mess of tomatoes, Blake laid down in the mushy pile Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

This fun series of snaps are just a few of the many the Gossip Girl star has shared of her adventurous filming. While in Spain she also posed with some mimes writing, "Who's the class clown now suckers?!?!?!! Oh... Still me. Hmm. Mmk.  Nevermind #BestJobEver #CanCirqueDuSoleilPleaseSeeThisAndInviteMeToJoinPLEASE#YesIKnowTheyreMimes."

The beauty had a great time with some mimes while filming in Spain Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

Prior to her adventures in Europe, Blake kicked off filming in Thailand showing off the stunning scenery there as well. The 27-year-old shared with her 3.7 million followers a pic of her kissing a giraffe before posting a photo of her on a bridge in the jungle showing off her new hair color for the first time.

Blake shared a snap from her stunning filming location in Thailand Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

Blake was even exited about her incredible surroundings writing, "Holy cow! A heart shaped mountain. Nothing more perfect than nature," next to a photo of a lush green landscape. She even went kayaking in the local waters for scene writing, "A day at the office."

Even Blake said this scene wasn't such a bad day in the office Photo: Instagram/@blakelively

In the film, Blake plays a blind woman who, upon restoration of her sight, begins to discover previously unseen and disturbing details about her marriage and their lives. The psychological drama is set to hit theaters in 2016.

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