Just days after receiving the heartbreaking news that she wouldn't be able to fight for the custody of her children in California or New York, Kelly Rutherford is making the most out of her summer with them. The trio attended the Super Saturday charity event in Watermill, New York on July 25.

"She was very cheerful, and clearly delighted to be with her kids," an eyewitness at the event tells HELLO!. "They were partaking in all the different activities, visiting different booths and enjoying the day."

Kelly Rutherford took her kids to the Hamptons this weekend Photo: Getty Images

Eager to make the outing about her children Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, the Gossip Girl star did everything from painting to playing games. "At one point she took them over to a children's play area where her daughter painted, and she played an interactive game with her son," adds the onlooker. "She donned a flower crown that she got from one of the booths. She was friendly and talking to people, and her kids seemed to have a great time."

The sweet moment comes just two days after a judge ruled that California does not have jurisdiction in her six-year-long international battle for her two children with ex-husband Daniel Giersch.

Kelly Rutherford enjoyed time with her kids at Super Saturday, sipping Aquaball children's water and painting Photo: Courtesy of Aquaball

"We are extremely disappointed," Kelly's attorney David J. Glass said in a statement. "This court set up the current situation whereby my client was forced to live bi-coastally, but now, the court appears to be holding it against her. Likewise, the court created the situation whereby the children would lose their connections to California, and despite the Judgment’s language precluding the passage of time from creating new jurisdiction, that is exactly what has happened."

Kelly got a sweet hug from her son Photo: Courtesy of Aquaball

Luckily, the 46-year-old was granted the opportunity to have her kids in New York for the summer and has been working hard to make up for lost time. The mom-of-two has been sharing photos on Instagram of all the fun activities they've been doing including art classes and visiting museums.

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