Khloe Kardashian on Kim and Kanye West: 'He wants to build her up'

Khloé Kardashian knew her sister Kim would become Mrs. West long before her older sister may have known. In the August/September issue of Complex magazine, the 31-year-old cover star talks about her relationship with her brother-in-law Kanye West before his marriage to Kim.

“Every time I went to a basketball game and he saw me, he would come out of his way to find my seat and give me a hug. Every time I would see him, it was all about Kim,” she said. "It was so endearing and so cute and genuine. What I love about Kanye is that he wants to build her up instead of take her down. Kim is gorgeous and also a gorgeous person and people don’t really see that because they’re blinded or distracted by all of this. I think men want to break her down so they can control her.”

Photo: Instagram/@khloekardashian

The reality TV star also mentioned how much better her relationship is with her older sister since her marriage to Kanye in 2014. “Kim and I are way more understanding of each other, but Kim being married to Kanye is a completely different Kim. Kim is so at peace with herself," she shared. "At my own wedding, I was so calm. At the Humps’ [Kris Humpries] wedding, Kim was crazy. Then I saw her at her wedding to who I always said should be her husband, and she was so calm. No one else in the world could have the conversations those two have.”

Khloé’s love life has also been the center of attention. She spoke about her divorce from former NBA star Lamar Odom, and her feelings about their relationship. “Oh my God, I miss him every day. I miss what we had — things we got to do together are just memories," she continued. "I like looking back and holding on to that stuff. I definitely miss it, and there’s times I’ll get so sentimental and so sad, but this had to happen for some reason. I’ll figure it out over time, someone will give me that answer eventually. I think it would be very f—king weird if I didn’t miss it."

Photo: Instagram/@khloekardashian

Her relationship status isn’t the only change she has faced. The Kocktails with Khloé host got personal about dealing with her stepfather’s transition into Caitlyn Jenner. "[Bruce and I] are the closest out of the Kardashian kids. I think what hurt me the most was that we as a family wanted to be part of his transitioning," she stated. "I could imagine that it’s so lonely. Don’t you want people to support you and be there with you? But then I don’t know if that’s a selfish request.”

It’s always family first when it comes to Khloé, and if you mess with her family, you can imagine the claws will come out, especially when it pertains to younger sisters Kendall and Kylie. The author of her new memoir/self-help book, Strong Looks Better Naked, continued: “I’m a lion and these are my cubs. Don’t f—k with my cubs cause I will rip your head off."

The outspoken Kardashian sister has no problem acknowledging that she is a bit of a "hot head" on social media. The now blonde beauty explained how she tweets things that could possibly land her in hot water. "Normally we’ll throw it out on a group text and I’ll say ‘Unless you guys calm me down I’m tweeting this in five minutes," she added. "The amount of things I want to tweet that I get talked out of? It’s probably four times a week.”

After revealing her cover on her Instagram page, Khloé certainly didn't hold back and posted a message to all of the haters. “This one is for all the troll haters out there that cannot seem to give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts,” she captioned the side by side images of her retouched and untouched photos. “The image on the left is an unretouched photo from the actual camera on the day of the shoot. The image on the right is the retouched photo. Yes the skin is smooth and shadows are removed ,but I still think I look good on the left image. Flaws and all. Hi hater!!”

Khloe often documents her hard work in the gym with Gunnar Peterson and is joined by her siblings during those grueling workouts.

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