Prince Royce on working with Jennifer Lopez, touring with Ariana Grande

By Tionah Lee

Latin star Prince Royce is certainly making a name for himself. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he also co-stars on one of the hottest singles of the summer – “Back it Up” featuring Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. Then there's his spot on Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon tour, and his just-released album Double Vision, a star-studded affair that also marks Prince's English-language crossover debut. On July 24, the 26-year-old stopped by Yankee Stadium in his hometown of the New York City's the Bronx to talk about working with Ariana and let us in on how he's experiencing his big breakthrough.

Prince Royce met fans at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Bronx Photo: Getty Images

“I think it’s definitely important to stay true to the roots,” he told HELLO! when asked about creating his first all-English album. “I’m excited. It’s a great step for me in my career and just a way to get more people to find out about my music and find out about Latin artists in general.”

Fans will see a lot more of Prince Royce this summer. He just joined Ariana Grande on her "Honeymoon" tour and, according to the musician, he is having a great time on the road. “It’s really fun actually. It’s been fun to share with her, my fans and her fans, and just expanding," he mentioned. "I really enjoy the show that I put together.”

Prince is lucky enough to see what the popstar is like off stage. “One thing that I can say is that her crew is very tight and very professional," he shared. "Everything is usually on time and everything is great. She’s a really hard worker.”

Prince performing on the American Idol finale with Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull Photo: Frank Micelotta / FOX. © FOX Broadcasting

Ariana isn’t the only big name Prince is working with. His album Double Vision features appearances from Snoop Dogg, Tyga and Kid Ink. For his latest single “Back it Up,” Prince got help from Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull – making the experience a real dream come true.

“JLo and Pitbull are my dream collaboration. It was just cray,” he said. “I think it’s a Latin movement, and I really enjoyed that. I never thought I would be able to put something like that together."

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