Designer Michael Costello on Caitlyn Jenner: 'She's setting some trends'

By Alex Cramer

It’s been a meteoric rise for celebrity fashion designer Michael Costello, since appearing on the 2012 season of Project Runway: All Stars. The L.A. based designer has become a go to dress maker for Hollywood’s A-list, styling the likes of Beyoncé, Kesha, almost the entire Kardashian family and now Caitlyn Jenner, who wore one of his gowns in a promo for her new E! show, I Am Cait. “Caitlyn Jenner wore a beautiful dress that I actually made for Kim Kardashian,” Michael Costello told Hello! at his and Style PR's capsule launch in L.A. “It's funny to see that I made this dress for Kim, and then it got passed down to Kris Jenner, and then it got passed to Caitlyn Jenner.”

Caitlyn wore this Michael Costello dress owned by Kim

In addition to being one of the world’s top reality stars, Michael also thinks that Caitlyn has the potential to be a style icon. “To see Caitlyn in my dress feeling beautiful, feeling happy and feeling that little bit of freedom that she wanted all this time, that's exactly what embodies that dress," he continued. "I think she's setting some trends, and everybody's going to fall in love with her.”

Caitlyn so far has channeled Angelina Jolie in her white Versace gown at the ESPY awards, and in the season premiere of her show, she shows off some other clothes from Tom Ford and other high end designers. She even joked that her shoe closet would give stepdaughter Khloe's a run for her money. On July 24, Caitlyn was casual chic in a grey dress and leather jacket as she introduced Boy George and Culture Club at the Greek Theatre.

Caitlyn introduced Boy George and Culture Club in a grey dress Photo: Getty Images

Of course dressing someone like the 6 feet 2 inches Caitlyn does present its own difficulties. “I would have to say it sucks, but I love super high heels," Michael said. "I guess when you're that tall, it's kind of difficult to wear the bad ass Loubutins and the super high heels because it's already going to be too short. My best advice that I could give Caitlyn is get a good friend that is a great tailor that could help you lengthen things so you could wear big, bad ass heels.”

Although Caitlyn is his newest client, Michael has been working with the Kardashian family for years now, especially Kim. “I haven't done anything for her yet with maternity clothing, but I've done a lot of stuff for her before," he mentioned. "Whenever she works with us, she likes either really super-fitted or really flowy. The same with Khloe. I've been really close with Khloe for awhile now, and she wears our stuff all the time. It's fun working with her.”

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