Caitlyn Jenner shows off shoe collection: 'Don't get jealous, Khloe'

Like the other Kardashian girls, Caitlyn Jenner has one of the most enviable wardrobes around. And while we've gotten a peek of some of her ensembles recently, the former Olympian showed off her impressive shoe collection in a new video.

"Don't get jealous, Khloé! It's filling up," Caitlyn says, referring to stepdaughter Khloé Kardashian in the short clip posted on Instagram on July 22. In her collection, there's leopard print, nude, flats and patent leather heels.

Giving @khloekardashian a run for her money, dontcha think?

A video posted by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

"Giving @khloekardashian a run for her money, dontcha think?," the 65-year-old added in a caption with the post. Caitlyn has partnered with WhoSay to release a weekly series of videos chronicling her life as a trans woman. In a clip posted two weeks ago, the reality star shows the tribulations of being a woman when some nail polish chips off. "Still getting the hang of this. What do you think of the color," Caitlyn captioned the video of her putting on blue nail polish.

Still getting the hang of this. What do you think of the color?

A video posted by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

These moments are just some of the glimpses we've gotten into her life. Caitlyn's docu-series I Am Cait premieres Sunday, July 26. The world will get to see the first time daughter Kylie sees her dad as a woman and an emotional meeting Esther Jenner has with her son.

While Caitlyn and Khloe may be battling it out for the best shoe collection, stepdaughter Kim Kardashian is taking extra precautions to make sure her former stepfather doesn't steal her A-list glam squad. According to Caitlyn, she tells him: "You're representing the family. You gotta look really good."

But, not to outdo the queen of selfies and red carpets, Kim laid down some rules when it came to Caitlyn dressing up. "I said, 'The only thing is, whatever you do, do not steal my glam team,'" she told Jimmy Jimmel, adding, "There's too many girls in this family!"

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