Kim Kardashian is makeup free for Vogue Spain, talks pregnancy at Met Gala

No filter and no makeup for Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue España. Mrs. West, who is expecting a baby boy with husband Kanye West, revealed a sneak peak of the magazine via her Instagram. “Vogue Spain Cover! We did this whole shoot without make up! Can’t wait for you to see it! @VogueSpain Theo Wenner @Theo123456 #KimNoFilter,” she captioned the glamorous pic.

North West's fresh-faced mommy appears on the cover sans her perfect contour, luxurious eyelashes and well-blended shadow, wearing a cable knit sweater instead of a gown. Kim’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic told the mag that the social media maven is no stranger to the natural look.

“This was the only time it literally took us a minute to prepare her face for a photo shoot,” he shared. “She spends most of the day at home with her daughter without a drop of makeup, so she’s used to it. Her face is just as amazing without makeup because Kim is glamorous.”

One event we can be certain had plenty of prep time was the Met Gala in May. Kim, was just over two months pregnant for the fashion event of the year. "I had morning sickness. I tried to eat really healthy the week before, chicken soup and salad every day, but my dress was transparent, so I decided to suck my stomach in for the red carpet," she explained. "My husband and I came up with an idea so that they would take pictures of me from the front while a held my breath and when I turned around I’d exhale and get right next to Kanye to hide it."

Kim would hold her breath when posing on the carpet Photo: Getty Images

The 34-year-old is not hiding her ground rules for Caitlyn Jenner. "I told Caitlyn that as long as she doesn’t steal my stylist, makeup artist or hairstylist, we’re good," she said. "We joke about it, it’s fun to see her happy."

Daughter North is also very content even though she has been in the spotlight since birth. She mentioned: “With my first pregnancy I told Kanye that it wouldn’t be very easy to grow up being our daughter because of what she’d have to face. I prayed about it. Now I know that she can handle it.”

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