Cara Delevingne has made quite the name for herself in the fashion world posing for top labels like Chanel and Burberry. It's time now that she says goodbye to the runway and hello to the wonderful world of acting. "Modeling was never a dream of mine," the 22-year-old told the New York Times. "But when I start something, I want to prove people wrong. I thought: I'm going to smash this as hard as I can."

And she couldn't have been more successful at it if she tried, although there were some downfalls. The Paper Towns star explained that it was killing her soul. "It's the lemon effect, I'll pick you up, squeeze everything I can out of you and throw you away for the next one."

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Since the age of 4, the British beauty had the acting bug, and it never let up. Still, she couldn't wrap her head around the parts offered to models. "It felt crazy to turn down roles because I thought I'd do anything to be an actress, but I realized my dignity's more important than that."

She did land a role in 2012's Anna Karenina, one that had no lines but still made her super nervous. She also wowed in her audition for London Fields despite a studio technician freaking her out telling her, 'they were just going for the name so they can sell the movie.'

Cara continued: “It completely tripped me up because that is my worst fear. If that’s the only reason, I’d rather not get the part.”

As for her role in Paper Towns, she was born to play Margo Roth Spiegelman, that is after auditioning along with 150 to 200 actresses. “I wanted to be Margo so badly because I’ve said that exact thing to someone telling me they’re in love with me,” she shared. “Like, whatever you think I am is a complete projection of who I am. And I actually have no idea who I am! So how do you know?”

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Cara does, however, know her sexuality is not a phase. The younger sister to fellow model Poppy Delevingne recently discussed her bisexuality with Vogue and is currently in a relationship with singer Annie Clark, more recognized as St. Vincent. She mentioned, "I am who I am."

One day, Cara would love to have a career like Charlize Theron, who started as a model as well. "People can put you in whatever box: model, whatever," she explained. "But if I just keep going and actually do it well, which I hope I can, then I hope people will give me more movies — and I'll win an Oscar!"

She is well on her way: this summer is only the start of her blossoming career. Cara will be in the sci-fi film Valerian and will star alongside Jared Leto, Viola Davis and Margot Robbie in the DC comics’ thriller Suicide Squad.

It isn’t just big screens and runways for Cara, on Thursday’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, she showcased her musical talents. Taylor Swift's pal impressed the audience with her beat boxing skills.


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