Kim Kardashian talks Hillary Clinton, gun control, feminism and selfies

What do Martin Luther King Jr. , Ronald Reagan, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Kim Kardashian have in common? They've all been part of the select group of distinguished guests that have spoken at the highly regarded educational organization the Commonwealth Club of California.

The reality star signed copies of her book Selfish and participated in a 45-minute conversation with retired state judge LaDoris Cordell Tuesday night where she spoke about 2016 presidential election, gay rights, gun control and racism in America.

Kim spoke at an educational event on Tuesday Photo: Getty Images

When asked if she thinks Hillary Clinton should be our first female president, Kim replied, “I hope so," seemingly giving her endorsement for the presidential candidate. The reality star also expressed her support of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. “Proud of Obama and proud to be an American,” she said. On that note, Kim's former stepparent Caitlyn Jenner was also a topic of conversation.

“We all as a family prayed and hoped that people could understand it,” Kim shared of Caitlyn. “Unless you’re actually going through it, you’ll never one hundred percent understand it. Caitlyn is so grateful for all of that. The reason we wanted to share our family story during a two-hour special was to show that every family member will have a different opinion or reaction to something, and that’s okay. Everyone has a different emotional transition to find their own way to support it. Caitlyn has helped me learn to be less judgmental. Through it all, I saw it might be difficult for some people, but that’s still okay.”

The moderator asked about Caitlyn Jenner Photo: Instagram/@caitlynjenner

The 34-year-old wasn't even afraid to take on the racially-charged South Carolina shootings. “If I could do something to change the world," she added. "I’m not really a gun person, and we do not have strict enough gun control laws.”

On the topic of teaching her children about racism Kanye West's wife continued, “Kanye is very vocal and open with what’s occurred in his own life. And we’ll talk to our kids the way my father spoke to us. I think that when I was a teenager, my father knew or somehow put together that I was going to inevitably end up with a black guy and would make sure to tell me story after story about racial difficulties and how he always fought for the better. We always had friends of different races while growing up. Also, Kanye is very vocal, so I’m sure he’ll have a lot more to say to my kids.”

Kim commented on how she will teach her kids about racism Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

As for if she thinks the media objectifies women, she stated: “Absolutely, I do. I think women sometimes do it to themselves, but I also think that if you have the power, you can take that power and put out what you want people to look at and what you feel is beautiful.”

For the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, her message is simple, do what feels right to you. “I guess people call me a feminist, but I don’t like to put labels,” she said. “I do what makes me feel comfortable. I never think what I say is the right thing, but I believe you should do what makes you feel comfortable."

And there is no doubt that the brunette beauty is comfortable in front of the camera and on social media. On Instagram, Kim has 37.7 million followers, and she has 33 million followers on Twitter. “I really do love social media, having that relationship with people on social media, and I really do engage with them," she shared. "That connection with people wouldn’t have existed without social media. But I do all my social media myself. I can tell when there’s someone in the business who doesn’t do it themselves.”

Kim revealed how to take the perfect selfie Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

On a more light-hearted note, Kim explained how to take the perfect selfie. “The key to a good selfie is lighting. If you do it in the mirror, you get a better reflection off the mirror," said Kim. "I like up-to-down with a little angle. I don’t use filters. I do take 30 pictures before I finally get one, but I don’t use filters.”

Despite making a living off her image, the pregnant star explained why she thinks people don't take her seriously. "I think people still look at me as the persona that’s portrayed on the show,” Mrs. West noted. “The show doesn’t video my boring work meetings throughout the day. It’s hard when people want to put you in a certain box or a certain way. I don’t pay much attention to it.”

Safe to say, people are certainly paying attention to you!

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