Evan Ross' best parenting advice from mom Diana: 'Follow your gut'

By Alex Cramer

Ashlee Simpson is due to give birth almost any moment now, and her husband Evan Ross could not be more excited for the arrival of his first child. “Yeah of course there’s nerves, but there’s more excitement,” the singer told Hello! about waiting for the arrival of their daughter.

Ashlee supported Evan as he performed at STK Los Angeles opening Photo: Getty Images

And even though his first child has yet to be born, Evan already knows it won’t be his last. “I grew up around a lot of siblings, and I feel like there’s something so incredible about knowing that you have brothers and sisters to fall back on and having them to love you, so I love the idea of a big family,” he explained. “Big Christmases. That’s what I come from.”

Of course if he ever needs advice on raising a big family, all he has to do is ask his mother, the legendary singer Diana Ross, who raised five children of her own. He shared the best advice she gave him on becoming a father for the first time. “Just follow your gut. Do what you think is right,” the 26-year-old said. “There’s no right way other than the way you feel like you should do it, and you’ll figure it out along the way. Trust me, I’m going to do the best that I can at whatever I do, especially when it comes to my daughter.”

Although this is Ashlee’s second pregnancy, she has a 6-year-old son Bronx with ex-husband Pete Wentz, that doesn’t mean she isn’t asking big sis Jessica, who is mom to adorable Maxwell and Ace, for any help. He continued: “They both give each other advice. They look out for each other. They’re really good sisters.”

Ashlee and Jessica are 'really good sisters' Photo: Getty Images

With just a few weeks left in her pregnancy, it didn’t stop Ashlee from coming out to support her man as Evan performed at the opening of STK at the W Los Angeles-West Beverly Hills on June 25. Will he encourage their daughter to follow in her parents’ musical footsteps? The “How to Live Alone” singer added, “I’m sure. I’m sure they’re going to like all of the creative stuff, but whatever she likes is good.”

It’s been a big year so far for Evan, he filmed Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 , now in post production, with Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, released new music and is on the verge of starting his own family. “It’s all exciting. I feel like these are all things that like, when good things they sometimes happen at the same time and feel like all of my inspiration for my music has been coming from all of the things that have been going on from getting married to having a baby to being in love,” he shared. “I don’t think one would happen without the other.”

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