Amal Clooney meets with David Cameron after night out with Stella McCartney

With her high-flying career and dreamy Hollywood husband, Amal Clooney is proving that she can have it all. The accomplished lawyer attended a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday morning, after having attended a party hosted by designer Stella McCartney the night before.

Amal, who specializes in human rights and international law, was pictured arriving at the Houses of Parliament where one of her cases was being discussed. She is currently campaigning to free the imprisoned former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed – the country's first democratically-elected leader, who was overthrown by a coup in 2012.

As part of Mr Nasheed's legal team, Amal had the opportunity to meet the former president's wife Laila Ali Abdulla, David Cameron and other politicians. The group held a short meeting before Prime Minister Cameron jetted off to Berlin to meet with Queen Elizabeth and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The attorney was all business in a white skirt suit Photo: Rex

A photo of George Clooney's wife was tweeted from the meeting, which showed the ever-elegant Amal dressed in a crisp white jacket and skirt suit. Despite having enjoyed a night on the town with Stella McCartney a few hours prior, the Lebanon-born beauty showed no signs of fatigue. Amal, 37, had spent Tuesday evening catching up with the trendy designer at private members club Electric House in Notting Hill.


"My wife's the smart one!" George has previously said Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this year, Tomorrowland star George spoke about how his wife Amal is the brains in their marriage. Attending the SeriousFun Children's Network's New York Gala, George flubbed his lines and accidentally overestimated the number of countries the charity helped. "Since 1988, these camps have (helped) over a half million sick kids and their families from over five hun… over 50 countries – five hundred countries would be too many," he said. "There aren't actually that many."

As the audience chuckled, George joked: "My wife's the smart one!"

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