Julie Bowen excited for Sofia Vergara's wedding: 'I'm psyched for the dress'

By Alex Cramer

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are definitely Hollywood’s It couple of the moment. The gorgeous pair are very publicly in love and currently planning their upcoming wedding. And with a wedding, comes the fun of a bachelorette party for the bride. Although her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen isn’t planning it, she did have one great suggestion. “I was thinking that we should get those cute dancers from Magic Mike XXL to come,” Julie told HELLO! at the Max Mara Women in Film event in West Hollywood.

Julie wowed at the Max Mara in the designer event Photo: Getty Images

As for the actual nuptials, the 45-year-old can’t wait for one thing. She shared, “I’m psyched for the dress.” Julie also is excited to see what kind of match Joe’s family is for the Vergara clan. “Her family is like a party in a can,” she said of her co-star, “You just unleash the Colombians, and they just do like this mellow shake for like three days going. I’m not kidding you. They’re like ‘It’s Uncle Nando!’ He’s like 95, and he never sleeps, and he never stops dancing.”

Julie loves how Joe dotes on her co-star Photo: Getty Images

Julie, who has been married to business mogul Scott Phillips since 2004, also gave her best marriage advice for the Hot Pursuit star and the Magic Mike hottie. “Marriage is hard and long and she’s also been married... She’s doing just fine. She should just stick a sock in his mouth if he really starts to misbehave,” she joked, before going on to explain why she thinks the True Blood star is perfect for her friend, noting, “he’s nothing but polite and lovely and more importantly he dotes on her, and I love that.”

While they are still enjoying the engagement bliss, babies for the couple have been on everyone else’s minds. When you look like the two of them, the mom of three boys also added, “It sort of seems unfair. It’s almost genetic engineering. It’s right there – it’s getting up there with the finest of the finest meets and breeds with the best of the best.”

Sofia and Joe just celebrated their first anniversary together Photo: Getty Images

Julie concluded: “They’ll have beautiful children.” No doubt about that!

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