Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson helps a 2-year-old pull a plane: see the video

We might have to start calling "The Rock," "The Softie" if he keeps up with these adorable antics. Not only did he break the World Record for taking the most selfies with his fans while at his San Andreas premiere, but he also posted the cutest video to Instagram of a little girl pulling an airplane by a rope on June 11. A far departure from his wrestling persona, Dwayne Johnson is all about making dreams come true even for his youngest fans.

"When beautiful little 2yr old Kai visits our set and she wants to 'pull the airplane' all by herself. Well, she gets to pull the airplane... all by herself," the 43-year-old star, captioned via Instagram."#GreatJobHoney #AmazingStrengthYouHave #UncleRockPullsAHamstring #OnSet #AwesomeMemories #CentralIntelligence."

In the clip, the toddler is lightly grasping a rope and begins walking thinking she is pulling the plane as Dwayne actually uses his strength to pull the massive flying machine, all while cheering her on. "You're so strong!" he says. "You're so strong, oh my gosh you are pulling an airplane!"

The sweet on-set moment comes while the Furious 7 star is filming the comedy Central Intelligence, which also stars Aaron Paul, Kevin Hart and Amy Ryan.

The actor has continued to show off his softer side recently Photo: Getty Images

Aside from setting world records and melting our hearts, the Hercules star made more dreams come true by officiating a surprise marriage while on the promotional tour for his latest film. Along with the help of friends, he surprised superfan Nick Mundy by planning an impromptu wedding for him and acting as the officiant. Dwayne conspired with Screen Junkies, where Nick is a correspondent, to trick the comedian into believing he was interviewing Dwayne during the actor's San Andreas press junket, but instead was legally married to his fiancée, Dilara Karabas.

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