'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier on Vince: 'My real life isn't as exciting'

By Mary Peffer

Hollywood’s best bros are at it once again. The much-anticipated Entourage movie starring Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Adrian Grenier premieres in theaters nationwide on June 3, and it picks up with the boys banding together for a new Hollywood adventure for the first time since their successful HBO series wrapped in 2011.

Fresh off a flight from NY to L.A., HELLO! caught up with the film’s star, Adrian Grenier, who plays NY raised heartthrob turned big shot L.A. movie star, Vincent Chase. From the cast's real life friendships to the A-list cameo that shut down the set, we’ve got all the excitement prior to the big release.

Adrian took in the sites from the Empire State Building Photo: Getty Images

The nature of Vince’s entourage has always been to enjoy life to its fullest, and the film promises to be no different. For starters, the first scene the group shot together was in Miami and a party on a yacht. "It definitely made it easier," the actor joked. “The grueling lifestyle of a movie star!”

Filming with the old gang was such a good time, Adrian couldn't really single out a favorite moment. “The great thing about doing this job is that there’s never a dull moment,” he shared. “It’s hard to choose one thing, but after all these years, coming back together as a group, I was excited — my real life isn’t as exciting (as Vinny’s).”

In true Entourage fashion, there are about a zillion cameos to look forward to, ranging from Jessica Alba to Tom Brady. It’s practically become a rite of passage in Hollywood to be included. His favorite? “I’m a big fan of Pharrell [Williams]. Not only his music, but the work he does for the environment and the ocean,” he admitted. “To have him onboard was a thrill. He shut down set for a good half hour when people were taking pictures.”

The cast during a visit to SiriusXM Studio Photo: Getty Images

Beyond the colorful casting of cameos, the guys were happy to be teaming up again, and with eight series seasons under their belt, they meshed together like any fun-loving family. The 38-year-old continued. ”It’s not really work. Our jobs are to have a really great time and we’re lucky to do that.”

Life appears to be imitating art for Adrian and his character Vince, both film stars. Despite the parallels of heartthrob status, the actor’s lifestyle is still admittedly more laid back than his onscreen counterpart. When he’s not on set, he is an active supporter of several environmental causes, including Mobile Kitchen Classroom, a non-profit organization empowering young people to learn about food, health, and sustainability.

The musician gushed about his most recent fundraiser which auctioned off tickets to see the movie, “I’m really excited because we raised $135k to be split between, Entourage creator, Doug Ellin’s charity Noreen Fraser Foundation and Mobile Kitchen Classroom.”

Adrian has learned a lot from his character Vince Photo: Getty Images

Though different, the actor confessed to garnering valuable life lessons from spending time as his character. “Vinny taught me a lot about how to laugh and take life a little less seriously,” he quipped. “He has a nonchalance and equanimity.”

And the impetus behind the film four years following the series finale? “We made this for the fans" he stated. "And it was an opportunity to bring Entourage to a whole new audience that didn’t have a chance to see it on HBO."

For those of us holding out hope for future Entourage antics on film, get excited. The handsome actor revealed, "As long as people want it, we’re all on board.” He continued, “It’s about brotherhood and unity. There’s room for these characters to do more.”

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