Bob Saget wants Peter Dinklage to appear in 'Fuller House'

By Alex Cramer

Just days after it was announced Bob Saget would be making an appearance on the Full House spin-off series, Fuller House, the comedian opened up about who else he wants to guest star on the show. "I would love Peter Dinklage to be in it somehow because I love him," Bob shared with reporters at the Entourage movie premiere on Monday in Los Angeles. "So, if we can put him in the show then I'll talk to him!"

Peter would be a new face to the familiar bunch that's set to star in the show. Bob was the final original main cast member to confirm an appearance on the new Netflix series along with John Stamos, Dave Coulier , Lori Loughlin. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber.

Bob Saget said he wants Peter Dinklage to appear in Fuller House Photo: Getty Images

“I know it’s a show about Candice and Jody and Andrea, and she plays a widow in it that is a flip from my character since I was widower raising my kids, but she has her sister and her girlfriends to help! And it’s nice," added the 59-year-old. "It’s done by the same producers, and the idea to make a family show and it’s for Netflix which is amazing! You know someone could binge it in six and half hours and they will catch up with the Tanner family and have a day!”

Bob is excited for the Full House revival Photo: Getty Images

A part of the family that will not be returning will be the role of Michelle Tanner played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. “I don't think so! I don't know," Bob said about whether or not the role of the youngest Tanner would be re-cast. “I just know that most of us are coming back and we are doing it."

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the only original cast members not returning Photo: Getty Images

Since Full House ended in 1995, Bob has be pursuing his more adult comedy roles making audiences wonder if he's ready to return back to the world of family friendly sitcoms after over 20 years away from the show. “Its different times," he told HELLO!. "You know when I am in a venue, and I am with adults that is my stand-up. I was like that during the show!"

Bob mentioned he was happy some foul mouthed outtakes never made the original show: "It's a good thing lots of things weren't recorded."

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