Taylor Swift's concert bracelet saves the lives of three teen girls

Taylor Swift inadvertently saved the lives of three teen girls it has been revealed. Concertgoer, Avery Talbot, posted on the singer's website Sunday about her friends surviving a car crash because of a prop handed out at the popstar's show in Louisiana.

"On May 22, 2015, a few of my Friends and I happily loaded up the car to see Taylor Swift preform her 1989 concert in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge," began the post. The teen then went on to describe in detail how after the concert, her group of friends split up and three of them – sisters Elizabeth and Caroline Dazzio, along with a third friend drove home late at night.

Taylor performed in Baton Rouge on May 22 Photo: Getty Images

"On her way home [Elizabeth] unfortunately fell asleep while getting off the interstate and got stuck under a pole," the post continued. "It was almost 1 AM and pitch black and the girls and totaled car could not be seen. When the two girls in the back (Emma & Caroline) realized they could not receive help one of their Bracelets flashed. The Bracelet from the concert. It lit up."

It was those bracelets that caught the attention of a nearby driver who was able to call 911 and rescue the girls, who will be released from the hospital soon according to local station WBRZ. "[Elizabeth] is doing good, but prayers are appreciated," wrote Avery. "A Taylor swift bracelet saved her life. Thanks Taylor!!!!"

The LED bracelets handed out at the concert saved the lives of three teen girls Photo: Twitter/@taylorswift13

The story of the girls miraculous survival made its way all the way to Taylor herself who tweeted a message to her 58 million followers in support of the girls. "This is unreal," she wrote along with a link to the news story. "I'm so happy they're okay."

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