Maggie Gyllenhaal supports women in Hollywood: 'I don't see any other way'

By Alex Cramer

Maggie Gyllenhaal believes that women need to support women in order for them to succeed in Hollywood. “I mean, I really don't see any other way,” she told HELLO! at the 40th annual Gracie Awards. “I definitely have, in my life, had tendencies toward envy and taking someone else down, just like everybody has, but I actually think it's like the death of everything good. I just think it kills communication and inspiration, and it's the opposite of what I'm into right now.”

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Looking stunning in a long, black Alexander McQueen gown, Maggie is definitely feeling the girl power. “ Elizabeth Banks just directed the new number one movie [ Pitch Perfect 2],” she continued. “Then Charlize Theron just completely kicked ass in Mad Max: Fury Road so I feel like everyone is doing pretty well.”

Despite the progress being made, Maggie lamented that it was still challenging to find roles that she felt like she could really connect with. “I do think that there are huge disparities, and I can’t tell you some of the weird parts I’ve been offered to play that I can’t recognize as any human being that I’ve ever come into contact with, but are fantasies of women," she explained. "People like to see really crazy women or people like to see really perfect, powerful women.”

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Speaking of the kind of parts she would like to be offered, the 37-year-old shared her attraction to the role of Nessa Stein in The Honorable Woman. “She's like really many, many, many things. And the performance that she's doing at the beginning of the show cracks up in front of our eyes," Maggie admitted. "And I really relate to that.”

The evening was hosted by Blackish star Tracy Ellis Ross and honored women such as Hoda Kotb and Cicely Tyson for their contributions to the entertainment industry.

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