George Clooney cut honeymoon short with Amal, still pranking celeb friends

Well, this isn't exactly the way to start a marriage! After GeorgeClooney and Amal tied the knot in September of last year, the actor shared that he had to cut their honeymoon short unexpectedly to attend ComicCon in New York — of all places — on behalf of his new film Tomorrowland.

"I got the call while I was on my honeymoon and was told it was really important that I fly in," George revealed during an interview on UK's The Graham Norton Show set to air on Friday. "First I had to explain that to my wife, which didn't play well. And then the whole idea of spending part of your honeymoon with people dressed up like Captain Kirk and Star Wars characters somehow wasn't easy to explain to my new bride."

George Clooney has spoken about his interrupted honeymoon Photo: Getty Images

After opening up more about his relationship, George decided to explain his friendly feud with Brad Pitt. "I'm not sure how it started but we have done some terrible things to each other," he said. "I had some stationary made up with his name on it and would send letters to other actors from Brad Pitt."

George added, "I sent Meryl Streep a letter from him with a whole stack of dialect coach CDs saying that they may help her for her role in The Iron Lady. I have sent letters to lots and lots of people from Brad and I don't tell either of them what I have done for a year or two and they are like, 'Are you kidding me?'"

George Clooney has also spoken about his friendly pranks on pal Brad Pitt Photo: Getty Images

The actor even revealed he has a prank he's in the middle of right now. "I'm doing one now that I can't tell you about, but in a year you are going to hear I've been arrested. I'm not kidding because I think I've crossed the line. It's exciting. But I have a wife, she's a barrister, I'll be fine!"

Always the comedian, the Hollywood star joked about being kept on one knee for almost half an hour as Amal contemplated his shocking marriage proposal.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney were married in Venice in September 2014 Photo: Getty Images

"I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Amal (but) we had never talked about it, so there wasn't like a 'Hey, maybe we should get married,'" the 54-year-old told CBS News on May 19. George proposed to Amal, 37, at his home in Los Angeles, while music by his late aunt Rosemary Clooney, who starred with Bing Crosby in White Christmas, played in the background.

"I was at home and I queued up a playlist of some of my aunt Rosemary's songs," he explained. The actor continued saying how he took Amal by total surprise. "Literally, I dropped it on her. And she just kept saying, 'Oh my god' and 'wow' – completely unexpected," he added. "We just sat there and finally I said, 'Listen, I'm 52 and I've been on my knee now for about 28 minutes, so I gotta get an answer out of this or I'm going to throw a hip out. I might not be able to stand back up."

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